"Amdur does not spell out her meanings, she does not provide final guidance for firm conclusions: the viewer is necessary to complete the work and each viewer's impression will, by necessity, bioprocessed through a gamut of perusal experiences….Amdur's realism involves both more and less than vial veracity: it entails nothing less than the creative acknowledgement of the data of social history at a particular and knowable moment in time."
- Kathleen Whitney

Margery Amdur, Tracing Trajectories

Margery Amdur, a Transforming Imagination

Margery Amdur at the Noyes Museum

"SEPTA commissioned a Rutgers-Camden associate professor of art to bring a little sunshine into the Spring Garden Street subway station in Philadelphia. Margery Amdur shares lessons learned from completing the massive project - which covers the floor in six areas of the platform - with her art students."

Margery Amdur: Video Loop